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Hotel room sales have increased 32% since 2015, the most growth this side of Montreal

Visitors to Saint John added $282 million to the local economy in 2018

Saint John hosted 1.7 million visitors in 2018

YSJ broke its all-time passenger record in 2018, with more than 282,717 passengers

Port Saint John is Canada’s third largest port by volume

Global brands are headquartered in Saint John

Your Saint John has just been ranked as "Canada’s happiest" in a study by John Helliwell, economics professor at UBC

Business optimism jumps 8.5% in Greater Saint John

There are 12,500 new people living in Greater Saint John that did not live here in 2011

The Saint John Region Chamber, among the oldest in North America, celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2019

People are immigrating to Saint John: the number of newcomers has grown by 8.4% since 2017

Saint John’s labour force grew by 10% (Feb 2018-Feb 2019)

Employment growth increased by 10% (Feb 2018-Feb 2019)

AREA 506 attracted more than 50,000 people and injected more than $3M in the local economy in 2018

“After a successful opening season, TimberTop Adventures has expanded to become one of Canada’s largest treetop aerial adventure parks. It was through the generous support and encouragement of the Saint John Hotel Association and Discover Saint John early on that we knew we had the makings of a great business case to help make this dream a reality.” David Alston, Co-founder, TimberTop Adventures

AREA 506 is a celebration of everything New Brunswick. Saint John’s naturally supportive culture made it the logical choice to gather. The Saint John Hotel Association’s early and ongoing investment helped us to become the premiere festival we are today.” Ray Gracewood, Founder and Chairperson, AREA 506

"I moved to Saint John, New Brunswick five years ago to improve my quality of life and continue my career as a stand up comedian. Without the support and help of the Saint John Hotel Association, I could not have thrived so creatively and commercially. We have worked together on various features for world renowned magazines such as GQ, on national Canadian TV shows and also on events that have attracted thousands of people to the city of Saint John; which have filled the city's hotels, restaurants and bars. Not only are the Saint John Hotel Association an organization of extraordinary vision and smarts, they are also - equally crucially - thoroughly lovely people who are a blast to work with. I can't thank them enough for making it possible for me to stay in Saint John, work in Saint John and bring so many people here from surrounding areas and overseas." James Mullinger, Stand Up Comedian and Co-Founder of Edit Media